How to add or edit holiday opening hours

In addition to maintaining your regular opening hours, it is also important to post information on your website about holiday opening hours. For example, over the Christmas period you may want to notify your customers that you are closed or operating on reduced hours. Any Holiday Opening Hours that you configure will be displayed on the Contact page of your website, and anywhere else that you've configured the Opening Hours module.

To add or edit your Holiday Opening Hours, first log in to your White Menu account and select "Opening Hours" from the top navigation. At the bottom of this screen you find the Holiday Opening Hours section. To add new Holiday Opening Hours, click on the "Add holiday opening hours" button. To edit existing Holiday Opening Hours, click on the Edit button adjacent to the relevant set of hours.

From here, you can name the Holiday Opening Hours (for example, "Christmas Day" or "Bank Holiday Monday", select a date, and choose whether you're open on that day. If you are open, you can also select enter opening and closing times.

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