How to renew your account

Your White Menu account will be due for renewal on the anniversary of your initial sign-up date. 30 days before your account is due for renewal, an invoice will be generated and added to the invoices list in your account. You will also receive an email and a dashboard notification to remind you that the renewal is pending.

To renew your account, you can simply log in to your account, and navigate to "My Invoices". From there, locate the relevant invoice (newest invoices are at the top of the list) and click on "Pay Now". From there you can complete the checkout process with our payments provider, SagePay. Once the payment is completed successfully, your account is renewed for another year and you don't need to take any further action.

We will send reminders before and after the renewal date to ensure you don't experience any service interruption. If you still forget to renew your account, your website may be disabled. Your data will not be deleted, so you can still contact us to make a payment and re-instate your website.
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