How to register a new custom domain name

Domain Names are an important part of your website, and a good domain name will help customers remember how to find you.

White Menu Pro accounts come with one free custom Domain Name. For other accounts, Domain Names can be purchase for £10 +VAT per year.

To register a new custom Domain Name, first log in to your White Menu account and click on Settings in the top navigation. Then, scroll down to the Domains section and click on the "Edit your domains" button. Click on the "Search for a domain name" button under "Want to register a new custom domain?" to begin searching.

From here, you can enter the domain name that you'd like to register and click on "Check domain availability". If the domain is available for registration, select the number of years you'd like to register for and click on "Register this domain name". Your account details will be used to register the domain, and an invoice will appear in your invoices list (unless you are registering a free custom domain name as part of a Pro account).

Our system will automatically manage the necessary configuration for your new custom domain to point to your website. You will receive an email notification a few weeks before your custom domain name is due for renewal.

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