Photo Gallery

The Photo Gallery module allows you to add a photo gallery to a particular area on your website. Before you add this module, you need to have at least one photo gallery configured in your White Menu account.

To add the Photo Gallery module to your website, log in to your White Menu account, click on Pages and select "Configure" next to the Page that you want to add it to. You can then click on "Add a new module" in the relevant content zone, and select "Photo Gallery" from the pop-up box that open.

You will then see a number of options to configure.

Name - for your reference only

Photo Gallery - select which photo gallery you'd like to display from the list

Image Size - select what size the images should be from the list of options. You can add or edit Image Sizes from the "Settings" section of White Menu.

Seconds Per Item - how many seconds each image (or images) should be displayed for

Animation Speed - select if you want the image transition to be slow or fast.

Number of visible items - how many images should be displayed at a time.


After these options are set, click on Save and the module will be added to your page.

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