Trip Advisor Widget

The Trip Advisor widget module allows the display of a Widget from your Trip Advisor page. This means that you can show off your review or ratings directly on your website.

To get the code for this module, first navigate to

From here, find your business by typing in the name and select it from the auto-complete list that appears.

Click on "Get widgets", and you will be taken to a screen that displays all of your available widgets. Choose the one you'd like for your website, and click on the appropriate "View options" link. You can then follow the options on screen to select and configure your widget, after which you'll see a text box containing your code. Copy this code for use later.

To add the Trip Advisor widget to your website, log in to your White Menu account, click on Pages and select "Configure" next to the Page that you want to add it to. You can then click on "Add a new module" in the relevant content zone, and select "Trip Advisor Widget" from the pop-up box that opens. Here, you will see a text box to paste the code into.

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